The Sistema Toronto Spirit

Sistema Toronto students learn together in choirs, percussion ensembles, and orchestras while developing important life skills like confidence, communication, and grit. By working together on music and social development, our kids grow as individuals. Nurtured and guided by their community, they come to understand and realize their potential.

Guiding Principles

  1. Social Transformation - We believe that building a community around children will bring about social change. 
  2. Teamwork - All Sistema Toronto students play ensemble music. We learn to listen and support one another as we learn, grow, and succeed as a team.
  3. Music as a Language - Music unifies us and is a powerful tool for communication across barriers. 
  4. Inclusion - Our program is free to participants' families. No barriers; no auditions; no cost.
  5. Community – Our centres become the hub of the Sistema Toronto community, where parents, students, volunteers and teachers meet to support one another.
  6. Leadership – We empower our students to share their knowledge and experiences with one another, and challenge them to be leaders in their communities.


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