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Sistema Online Sessions (SOS): COVID-19 Response

As of Monday, March 23rd, Sistema Toronto has successfully been running private and group classes online as part of the new “SOS – Sistema Online Sessions” initiative. Our students are participating in online classes 4 days each week, including strings, percussion, choir and theory.

Our goals are to give students meaningful daily activities while they are staying home, to help them keep their playing skills moving ahead, and to provide regular contact and "pastoral care" for our vulnerable Sistema community during this difficult time. Working remotely and following all safety precautions, our team continues to ensure our students and their families have the community connections, resource support, and educational opportunities they need.

“We knew we had to find creative ways to continue to support our communities during this difficult time,” said Christie Gray, Executive Director of Sistema Toronto. “The team has quickly adapted our curriculum and learning goals for digital platforms to allow for continued musical and social development, as well as maintaining the sense of community and team spirit that we pride ourselves on. Many of our families will be struggling more than ever right now with loss of income or jobs, increased childcare responsibilities, homeschooling, and food insecurity, but once a day they can relax knowing that their kids will be learning with their Sistema friends online. It’s a small gesture for now, and we’re working on additional ideas and improvements, but we know it’s already making a huge difference to have some stability when everything else seems so uncertain”.

Read more about our online learning program here.


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