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Statement of Solidarity with the Asian Community

The Sistema Toronto staff and Board of Directors would like to express our solidarity with the Asian community in standing up against the acts of violence and hate perpetrated here in Canada, in the United States, and worldwide. We recognize that this discrimination is not new, and during COVID-19, we have seen a disturbing surge of anti-Asian racism, violence and hatred, and we unequivocally condemn this behavior.

As an organization serving children and families from all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and walks of life, we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, and hatred of any kind. We will continue to work to create space in our program for discussions around racism, white supremacy, colonization, and how we can all challenge implicit and explicit biases in ourselves and others. If any of our students are impacted by the recent news and would like to talk to a Sistema staff member, our door is always open.

We hope our supporters will join us in standing up against this hatred, and urge everyone to look into the resources below to learn more and show your support.

Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Asian Canadian Women’s Alliance

Asian Queer Alliance Toronto

KCWA Family and Social Services

Fight COVID Racism

Free Bystander Intervention Training To Stop Anti-Asian/American and Xenophobic Harassment