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Each month at Sistema Toronto we discuss a specific social concept and explore that topic with our students through class discussions and activities. We also highlight our social curriculum work in a monthly blog further exploring each theme.

Here are our 2019-20 blog entries.

March: Problem Solving

It’s hard to think of a time when problem solving has been more relevant than it suddenly became in March 2020. When we work with our students on problem solving, we try to give them ways to break big problems down into stages, so they are not overwhelming. Click here to read the blog. 

February: Respect

This month, we focused on a highly important relationship building skill - respectOur choice for this month also tied in with our Black History Month celebrations. Click here to read the blog. 

January: Teamwork

This month, we focused on arguably one of the most important skills - teamworkWorking together in a group means having to navigate the individual personalities and needs of its members, and negotiating how to divide tasks fairly and appropriately. Click here to read the blog.

December: Performance

With winter concert week in the calendar, our focus for the month of December was on performanceThere’s no way around it: performances are stressful. Our students feel excitement and anxiety before their concerts because their performance is important to them. Whether they feel more excited or more anxious, they need to learn how to manage their feelings, in order to focus on the performance. Click here to read the blog. 

November: Listening 

For the month of November, our focus has been on listening. Listening is the central activity of any musicians’ life. It is also a crucial social skill, and a key learning skill. Excellent listeners are better musicians, but also better students, friends and colleagues. Click here to read the blog. 

October: Responsibility 

We started the year with responsibility for October. We ask our students to consider their responsibility in all aspects of their lives - as students, family members, musicians, and citizens. Click here to read the blog.