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October 2nd, 2023




Beanfield, a community-oriented, Toronto-born Telecommunications Service Provider, has again proudly extended its support to Sistema Toronto, a grassroots children's music charity, through generous contributions of event sponsorship and t-shirts for all participants.


Sistema Toronto provides barrier- and cost-free musical and intellectual opportunities to more than 350 children in four of Toronto's underserved communities with the goal of inspiring transformative social action. The program is primarily a social development program that aims to transform the lives of children by teaching skills like problem solving, empathy, and self-advocacy via ensemble-based music education. Students in the program receive 10 hours of free weekly instruction on strings (violin, viola, cello, or double bass), percussion, choir, and — for the youngest students — Music & Movement.


Recognizing the positive impact Sistema Toronto has on its students and their communities, Beanfield has extended its support to further the charity’s mission.  Beanfield's commitment to social responsibility and connecting communities aligns nicely with Sistema Toronto's goals, making the sponsorship a natural fit.


“Since we began supporting Sistema Toronto in 2019, we have been inspired and grateful to contribute to the important work they do to change the lives of children across the GTA,” says Dan Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Beanfield. “The ability to connect and create community is invaluable, and something Sistema students are able to do in each lesson with each other, their mentors, and their music.”


"We are so grateful for Beanfield’s commitment to supporting Sistema’s mission” says Shawn Earle, CEO of Sistema Toronto. “This support helps us plan and grow so that we can nurture the creativity and potential in each one of our students.”


Beanfield’s generous support helped cement the success of Sistema Toronto’s 2023 Spirit Gala: an annual fundraising event that not only helps finance Sistema’s programming, but also helps build community around the program, its participants, and its supporters.


In addition to the event sponsorship, Beanfield also provides Sistema’s young musicians with comfortable and colourful t-shirts that brings a sense of unity and energy to their various performances throughout the year. The shirts inspire a sense of belonging and community for the students and ensure that everyone feels included by removing any visible socioeconomic gaps between them.


Beanfield’s ongoing support of Sistema Toronto exemplifies the spirit of corporate social responsibility and the significance of businesses investing in meaningful work that builds and maintains strong communities. By investing in the future of these young musicians, Beanfield demonstrates their dedication to inclusivity, connectivity, and artistry, and makes an impact that Sistema’s students are truly thankful for.


About Beanfield:

Beanfield is a community-oriented telecommunications service provider that has been at the forefront of delivering ultra-high-speed fibre optic Internet services to businesses and residential communities. Committed to exceptional service and reliability, Beanfield continues to revolutionize the telecommunications industry with its forward-thinking approach and dedication to community support.


About Sistema Toronto:

Sistema Toronto is a charitable organization that aims to provide accessible and inclusive music education to children from Toronto’s underserved communities. By fostering a love for music, Sistema Toronto empowers children to develop essential life skills and achieve their full potential, positively impacting their lives and the communities they belong to.


For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

Kelsy Vivash

Marketing and Communications Manager
Sistema Toronto

[email protected]