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Curriculum Blog

Each month at Sistema Toronto our we focus on different social and musical themes with our students through class discussions and activities. In our Curriculum Blog we explore how these monthly themes inform our teaching, how we work on them with our students, and how our experiences in the classroom continue to shape our curriculum development process.

Below are our 2022-23 blog entries. Click the images to read each blog post.

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Curriculum Blog - Responsibility and Harmony

Playing our Parts, Together Welcome to another entry of Sistema Toronto’s Curriculum Blog. This time we will be discussing two topics near and dear to music educators: responsibility and harmony. In a music program, these concepts can be seen as closely related. Responsibility has to do with how we all do our part, and harmony with how those parts fit together.

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Curriculum Blog - Identity

Welcome to another year of Sistema Toronto’s Curriculum Blog. Each entry of the blog will cover different aspects of curriculum design, development, and implementation, through the lens of our curriculum calendar and the events happening in our program. This time we’ll be talking about the start of our year, and some of the resources we put together to help our teachers start the year off right.

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